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Mr. Hawthorne, who was then living in the red cottage at Lenox, had a week at Arrow Head with his daughter Una the previous spring. It is recorded that the friends 鈥榮pent most of the time in the barn, bathing in the early spring sunshine, which streamed through the open doors, and talking philosophy.鈥 According to Mr. J. E. A. Smith鈥檚 volume on the Berkshire Hills, these gentlemen, both reserved in nature, though near neighbours and often in the same company, were inclined to be shy of each other, partly, perhaps, through the knowledge that Melville had written a very appreciative review of 鈥楳osses from an Old Manse鈥 for the New York Literary World, edited by their mutual friends, the Duyckincks. 鈥楤ut one day,鈥 writes Mr. Smith, 鈥榠t chanced that when they were out on a picnic excursion, the two were compelled by a thundershower to take shelter in a narrow recess of the rocks of Monument Mountain. Two hours of this enforced intercourse settled the matter. They learned so much of each other鈥檚 character,... that the most intimate friendship for the future was inevitable.鈥 A passage in Hawthorne鈥檚 鈥榃onder Book鈥 is noteworthy as describing the number of literary neighbours in Berkshire:鈥

Regardless of everything but my own sorrow, I remained in the Ti for several hours, until shouts proceeding at intervals from the groves beyond the house proclaimed the return of the natives from the beach..
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The immediate acceptance of 鈥楾ypee鈥 by John Murray was followed by an arrangement with the London agent of an American publisher, for its simultaneous publication in the United States. I understand that Murray did not then publish fiction. At any rate, the book was accepted by him on the assurance of Gansevoort Melville that it contained nothing not actually experienced by his brother. Murray brought it out early in 1846, in his Colonial and Home Library, as 鈥楢 Narrative of a Four Months鈥 Residence among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands; or, a Peep at Polynesian Life,鈥 or, more briefly, 鈥楳elville鈥檚 Marquesas Islands.鈥 It was issued in America with the author鈥檚 own title, 鈥楾ypee,鈥 and in the outward shape of a work of fiction. Mr. Melville found himself famous at once. Many discussions were carried on as to the genuineness of the author鈥檚 name and the reality of the events portrayed, but English and American critics alike recognised the book鈥檚 importance as a contribution to literature..
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From what I have said it will be perceived that there is a vast difference between 鈥榩ersonal property鈥 and 鈥榬eal estate鈥 in the valley of Typee. Some individuals, of course, are more wealthy than others. For example, the ridge-pole of Marheyo鈥檚 house bends under the weight of many a huge packet of tappa; his long couch is laid with mats placed one upon the other seven deep. Outside, Tinor has ranged along in her bamboo cupboard鈥攐r whatever the place may be called鈥攁 goodly array of calabashes and wooden trenchers. Now, the house just beyond the grove, and next to Marheyo鈥檚, occupied by Ruaruga, is not quite so well furnished. There are only three moderate-sized packages swinging overhead: there are only two layers of mats beneath; and the calabashes and trenchers are not so numerous, nor so tastefully stained and carved. But then, Ruaruga has a house鈥攏ot so pretty a one, to be sure鈥攂ut just as commodious as Marheyo鈥檚; and, I suppose, if he wished to vie with his neighbour鈥檚 establishment, he could do so with very little trouble. These, in short, constituted the chief differences perceivable in the relative wealth of the people in Typee.
In vain I racked my invention to find out some motive for them, but I could discover none.
鈥楾hen there is no hope for you,鈥 exclaimed the sailor, 鈥榝or if I leave you here on the beach, as soon as I am gone you will be carried back into the valley, and then neither of you will ever look upon the sea again.鈥 And with many oaths he swore that if he would only go to Nukuheva with him that day, he would be sure to have me there the very next morning.
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