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Regarding this new phenomenon with no small degree of trepidation, I said to my companion, 鈥榃hat can all this mean, Toby?鈥

鈥榃hy d鈥檡e see, Captain Vangs,鈥 says bold Jack, 鈥業鈥檓 as good a helmsman as ever put hand to spoke; but none of us can steer the old lady now. We can鈥檛 keep her full and bye, sir; watch her ever so close, she will fall off and then, sir, when I put the helm down so gently, and try like to coax her to the work, she won鈥檛 take it kindly, but will fall round off again; and it鈥檚 all because she knows the land is under the lee, sir, and she won鈥檛 go any more to windward.鈥 Aye, and why should she, Jack? didn鈥檛 every one of her stout timbers grow on shore, and hasn鈥檛 she sensibilities; as well as we?.
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Had the belle of the season, in the pride of her beauty and power, been cut in a place of public resort by some supercilious exquisite, she could not have felt greater indignation than I did at this unexpected slight.!
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Now, thought Toby, for a fray; and being unarmed, he besought one of the young men domiciled with Marheyo for the loan of his spear. But he was refused; the youth roguishly telling him that the weapon was very good for him (the Typee), but that a white man could fight much better with his fists.
In how little reverence these unfortunate deities were held by the natives was on one occasion most convincingly proved to me.鈥擶alking with Kory-Kory through the deepest recesses of the groves, I perceived a curious looking image, about six feet in height which originally had been placed upright against a low pi-pi, surmounted by a ruinous bamboo temple, but having become fatigued and weak in the knees, was now carelessly leaning against it. The idol was partly concealed by the foliage of a tree which stood near, and whose leafy boughs drooped over the pile of stones, as if to protect the rude fane from the decay to which it was rapidly hastening. The image itself was nothing more than a grotesquely shaped log, carved in the likeness of a portly naked man with the arms clasped over the head, the jaws thrown wide apart, and its thick shapeless legs bowed into an arch. It was much decayed. The lower part was overgrown with a bright silky moss. Thin spears of grass sprouted from the distended mouth, and fringed the outline of the head and arms. His godship had literally attained a green old age. All its prominent points were bruised and battered, or entirely rotted away. The nose had taken its departure, and from the general appearance of the head it might have, been supposed that the wooden divinity, in despair at the neglect of its worshippers, had been trying to beat its own brains out against the surrounding trees.
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