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Lightwave Professional Services is a CI/SO services company whose vast technical and practical experience provides your organization a foundation of assurance in managing your technology risk.

Our unique model of out-sourcing compliance with traditionally complex regulatory and technical issues is a cutting edge approach not seen in the security space.

By employing a progressive and comprehensive approach the management of risk at an enterprise level, Lightwave utilizes a risk-based approach, experienced professionals, comprehensive methodologies, and the most advanced technical resources. Lightwave’s services combine the professional competency and experience of our seasoned staff in the areas of financial reporting, risk management, and compliance.

The business models employed in the internet age encourage, and even require, opening boundaries between customers, suppliers, and partners. These technologies can enable that openness which is also seen as a means to help achieve compliance with corporate policy and government oversight. Behind the increased transparency and reliance on technology exists real risks.

Many organizations implement technology as a means to support compliance efforts, act as a business enabler, and to provide a foundation to achieving secure systems. Additionally, complex network environments, global operations, and human beings often challenge an organization's security efforts. The ever increasing occurrence and complexity of security threats indicate that security has become a business imperative. By managing technology risk at the enterprise level companies can achieve more efficient and effective security processes and programs. A strategic view of larger issues such as shareholder value, consumer confidence, reputation management, and regulatory compliance can be addressed.

It is no secret that digital information security is a management issue with global business implications. The success of an enterprise in today's networked economy requires more than simply a focus on IT issues - it also requires a focus on security strategy and its on-going management.

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How does Lightwave Professional Services add value to your enterprise?

We are:

  • Committed to providing Excellence in everything we do
  • Trusted Partner and Advisor
  • Certified and Experienced Professionals
  • Global Coverage of Technical Resources
  • Unsurpassed Experience in Government Application C&A

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Lightwave Professional Services is based in Atlanta, GA with affiliate offices and resources available across the globe.

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