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Lightwave Professional Services provides security and privacy services that span every aspect of your operating environment. Our unique model of out-sourcing compliance with traditionally complex regulatory and technical issues is a cutting edge approach not seen in the security space.



About Lightwave
Lightwave Professional Services is a CI/SO Services company whose vast technical and practical experience provides your organization a foundation of assurance in managing your technology risk.

Lightwave’s services combine the professional competency and experience of our seasoned staff in the areas of financial reporting, risk management, and compliance.

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Government Services
Lightwave Professional Services is able to provide the highest level of security expertise while maintaining cutting edge knowledge if the security space though its sole focus on information security.

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  Virtual CISO
Many small and medium sized companies could benefit greatly from the experience and expertise of a Fortune 500 Chief Information (Security or Technology) Officer. But for most companies, having such a position is cost prohibitive and finding such a person is difficult.

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